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A0 kleuren scanner

CSX300-09 : 36: whide/full-color scanner

High-resolution, hight-speed, user-memory and smart energy use for cleaner environment

Hight definition plus

Graphtec scanner solution that advances evolution

A 36inch face-up scanner designed for ease of use

The document is loaded so the scanning surface face up (Face-Up system), helping prevent scanning errors when the drawing is loaded.

24-bit color (16.7 million colors) fine-scanning capability

The 24-bit color (16.7 million colors) capability enables fine scanning of even aerial photographs and graphics. Monochrome, grayscale, or

color scanning can be selected, a key feature for making monochrome/color copies and easier archiving.

±0.1% high precision, 600-dpi optical resolution, 9600-dpi interpolated resolution

In addition to the 600-dpi optical resolution, the CSX300 lets you select from 50-dpi through 9600-dpi interpolated resolution to suit the

complexity of your drawing and scanning application.

Comes with a new Scanning Master 21+ that implements the Simple Copy output function

The bundled, easy-to-use Scanning Master 21+ software offers a Simple Copy button to further enhance scanner usability and to provide

support for work procedures.

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